Achieve a smoother, longer-lasting finish. Waxing is a safe and effective treatment used to remove unwanted hair from the body, and can be used on almost any area. The result of the treatment can last up to eight weeks – although it does vary from person to person based on hair type and growth rate. Waxing is not permanent hair removal treatment, but it does have long term benefit as regular waxing can encourage a reduction in hair growth.



Full legs£22.00
Full legs & bikini line£27.00
Full legs & high Bikini£30.00
Full Legs & hollywood£38.00
Half Leg£13.00
Half leg & bikini line£18.00
Half leg & high Bikini£20.00
Half leg & hollywood£32.00
Bikini line£8.00
High Bikini£12.00
Full arms£19.00
Half arms£13.00
Under arms£8.00
Full arms & under arms£25.00
Full back£16.00
Half Back£10.00
Upper lip or chin£7.00
Full Face includes eyebrow£20.00
Full Face excludes eyebrows£18.00
Full Body excludes face£90.00